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Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode:.

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Browser, Kiwi Browser, etc.

Bu video ile size bu sorunun çözümünü anlattım. I'm using the latest pre-release patches as of 5/4/2023 (that's. Step 1: Patch YouTube music using the latest pre-release patches while including MicroG support.


vanced. It still works, and it is likely to work for a while. This APK com.

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But I can provide more if needed.

Can you make Vanced Music compatible with Android Auto? Youtube Music is compatible, but will only play on premium subscription.

The Copy Video URL ReVanced patch adds a dedicated button in the video player UI to. github.

The Manager is also responsible for keeping your Vanced applications up-to-date on both root and non-root devices without any complications. But I can provide more if needed.

Steps to reproduce.

) can serve as a capable audio-only YouTube.


YouTube Vanced for Android Car screen (Not Android Auto) Do NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ON NON ANDROID CAR DEVICE. com. Therefore, an extension-enabled web browser (such as Firefox, Iceraven Browser, Fennec F-Droid, Mull, Yandex.

This got "fixed" in #305 but it doesn't seem like its fixed. Steps to reproduce. . 0. login on phone with microG.

) with some extensions installed (such as Audio Only for YouTube™, uBlock Origin, SponsorBlock, Return YouTube Dislike, Video Background Play Fix, Dark Reader, etc.

05:05 pm (IST): The list of downloads from the unofficial Vanced repository (Cuynu) now even includes a version of the app for Android Auto. Issues.


YouTube Vanced & Vanced MicroG & YouTube Music Vanced Unofficial (non-profit) - GitHub - cuynu/ytvanced: YouTube Vanced & Vanced MicroG & YouTube.

Browser, Kiwi Browser, etc.


<strong>YouTube Music Vanced is discontinued as of Mar 13, 2022.