Insecure attachment.


environmental factors on development. Adolescents whose behavior is dangerous or otherwise unacceptable despite their parents' best efforts may need professional intervention.


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Over 1. fc-falcon">Adolescent Health. Difficult temperament: inflexibility, low positive mood, withdrawal, poor concentration.

Food choices of adolescents are not consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Early puberty. . Adolescence is a transitional, developmental phase with marked shifts in behavior, particularly as related to risk-taking and experimentation.

Most of the nation’s 42 million adolescents, 1 who are between the ages of 10 and 19, are generally healthy. Low-level depressive symptoms and dysthymia.


This multicenter cross-sectional study was conducted in five middle schools in Lingbao City.

Grounded in social–ecological system theory, the present study tested the mediating effects of maternal psychological flexibility and mother–adolescent attachment on the relationship between maternal adult attachment and adolescent anxiety as well as the moderating effects of teacher support and peer support on the relationship. class=" fc-falcon">Abstract.

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MethodNine hundred and ninety-six clinicians from adult mental health services, 467 from Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

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Factors influencing eating behaviors of adolescents need to be better understood to develop effective.

Children entering adolescence are going through many changes in their bodies and brains. . Low-level depressive symptoms and dysthymia.

Difficult temperament: inflexibility, low positive mood, withdrawal, poor concentration. According to this. Although peers are a major influence during adolescence, the relative importance of specific mechanisms of peer influence on the development of problem behavior is not well understood. . Anxiety. .


2: Culture - Culture is learned and socially shared, and it affects all aspects of an individual’s life. g.

Behavioral problems also may be symptoms of learning disabilities , depression , or other.


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